Our services briefed

  • Auto Electrical diagnostics

    Most new vehicles are equipped with one or more on-board computers, like the unit(s) installed on vehicles covered by this manual. These electronic components (with no moving parts) should theoretically last the life of the vehicle, provided nothing external happens to damage the circuits or memory chips. While it is true that electronic components should never wear out, in the real world malfunctions can, and often do, occur. It is also true that any computerbased system is extremely sensitive to electrical voltages and cannot tolerate careless or haphazard testing or service procedures. An inexperienced individual can easily cause major damage looking for a minor problem by using the wrong kind of test equipment or connecting test leads or connectors under improper conditions.We have professionally qualified technicians to work on your vehicle.

  • Alternator rebuilding

    We prefer to recondition if we can as not only is it more cost effective but the older model starter motors and alternators are usually very good quality.While reconditioning is the first choice, if a repair is not possible then we can replace with new.

  • Stater rebuilding

    We offer a chance to have your faulty alternator or starter motor repaired at a big saving over buying a new one. My repairing your faulty device is also often quicker than buying new, either in-garage or online. You also get the chance to have your original unit back; very often a better quality unit than the cheap copy from China you would replace it with

  • Rewiring

    We do Rewiring of vehicles, Repairing of wiring, Distributor re-cons, Alternators, Starters & Computer boxes. To run an automobile there is a very complicated wiring system. There is no mechanic that can tell you what is wrong just by looking at it or hearing what is wrong. Even with the newest technology it is sometimes very hard to find out what is wrong with your car if it has to do with the wiring. Even the computers they hook them up to have a hard time getting right to the problem. When they disassemble the wiring, they have to make sure they put it right back the way it was. One little wire hooked up the wrong way will have it blowing a fuse or even something could blow up, causing serious injury.Engage us for your vehicle rewiring.

  • And many more.Contact us for enquiries!